Captain Aidan Mallory

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Height: 5'11"

Weight: 148

Eye Colour: Blue

Retinal Code: 041-C10

Current Assignment: 101st BlackWater Squadron (classified Level Phi)

For the last nine years the GTVA has been my family. When the destroyers descended on Capella, I fled along with the rest of my neighbors. In the chaos of the evacuation, I became separated from my parents. My transport made it to Vega. Theirs didn't. There was no ceremony, no wake, just a letter from the GTVA "regretfully" informing me of their death. As far as anyone knew, my parents became another statistic of the second Shivan War.

For weeks I wondered if the GTVA had only allotted more fighters to defending the refugee convoys instead of trying to save their great ships of war, my parents might still be alive today. Was there something that could have been done to save them? Had the GTVA done enough?

Fate, it seems is not without irony. No less than four months passed before I enlisted in the GTVA flight corps. Was it because of the urgings of my brother, who was already a distinguished pilot? Was it because I wasn't going to follow that fool M'kembe, wandering around the galaxy like the ancient nomads? Or was it because I had nowhere else to go? Whatever drew me to the GTVA still captivates me today.

It took little time to rise through the ranks of the flight corps. The next thing I know, I'm flying in Kepler's brainchild, doing things that could best be described as questionable.

As the GTVA finishes constructing their Charon device around the collapsed jump to Sol, I'm stuck between two tough decisions. I have a feeling that Kepler is keeping a secret from the GTVA. To hell with Ahmose on the frontier, Kepler is the real threat to the safety of the Sol system.

But there's something else too. Feelings that I had buried for nearly a decade have found their way back to my consciousness, feelings of betrayal, bitterness, and revenge. The focal point of these feelings is the Charon device. Instead of allocating resources to relocating the Capellan survivors, they built that device. But I know it all didn't end up there. There's something else, something hidden that the GTVA has been building. Rumors of a new Colossus have circulated through the Alliance for years, but now there's some proof. Excess materials for the Charon device disappear overnight, transported to some unseen shipyard, constructing the GTVA's new war machine.

Right now, my future is questionable. Something evil is brewing in space, and I don't know which side to choose.

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