Project SEED - 09-2336


Shortly after the incident at Tombaugh Station, GTA and PVE officials secretly held a meeting over the concern of extinction at the hands of the approaching Shivan menace. It was decided at this meeting that several "survivor" colonies should be created at a considerable distance from the Vasudan and Terran home worlds. Funding was approved and Project SEED was born on 02-15-2335.

The original plan was to establish five different colonies, each in a different direction from each other. Each colony would be started by a "spore", a special fleet of ships designed to create a self-sufficient living area upon arrival. The bulk of a spore consisted of modified GTE Vidar class exploration ships which housed colony construction equipment and 400,000 sleeping colonists each. The remaining elements in the spore were various military craft whose purpose was to defend the sleeping colonists from attackers.

In order to prevent panic in the populace, colonists for the project were selected from systems already ravaged by the Shivans. These colonists were reported dead by the GTI and were quickly forgotten by those who still resided in the inner systems. Other methods of keeping the project silent included construction of hidden shipyards in the Vega system and reporting GTA and PVN military equipment destroyed.

It was decided by project officials that the first two spores should have the species segregated. Preparations for the Vasudan spore were completed on Vasuda Prime whereas its Terran counterpart was finished in the Sol system. The remaining spores were to contain a mixed population.

On 02-31-2335, once suitable destination systems were selected, the first two colony spores were dispatched simultaneously. Spore Alpha, launched from the Vasuda system, was destroyed by the Lucifer before it could leave the system. The Terran spore, Beta, met a similar fate in Ribos.

The remaining spores were placed on hold until a solution to evade the Shivan fleet was found. The solution was discovered in archeological records located on Altair. Using records left behind by a race we now know as the Ancients, the methods used by the Shivans to track ships in to subspace were known and a countermeasure was designed.

Spore fleets Gamma and Delta departed Beta Aquilae on 03-26-2335 as the Lucifer descended on the Sol system. After the destruction of the Sol gate and the presumed defeat of the Lucifer, Shivan presence has dropped dramatically. With the threat of extinction seemingly averted, the departure of spore Epsilon was postponed indefinitely. The results of spores Gamma and Delta are still pending the arrival of automated drone systems into shared Terran and Vasudan space.

Addendum (11-2341): The auto-response drone for spore 3 was recovered near Laramis. According to reports, the fleet made it to their target system, code-named Sanctuary, without incident. The report was dated 05-2338, so we can assume the colony has reached stage 2 of development, meaning all colonists have been revived. No report back from spore 4. Fleet is feared to be lost.


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