Admiral Jacob Cole

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Height: 6'0"

Weight: 168

Eye Colour: Green

Retinal Code: 066-D8

Current Assignment: 7th Fleet Commander (GTD Warlock)

I was born on Serpentis IV near the end of the Terran Vasudan war. By the time the Shivans were invading our systems, I was 16 years old and ready to fight. My parents however, forbade me to join the GTA military. That didn't stop me from becoming obsessed with the Shivans. I longed to go face to face with one of them. To really see what lurked behind those sinister red eyes. It was of course foolish to want to see one up close, all documented encounters with Shivans in close quarters were disastrous.

When the Shivans arrived in Delta Serpentis I watched as the Lucifer fleet closed in on the jump node to Sol. My attention was quickly shifted as Shivan bombers attacked from orbit killing millions of people. Two of those people were my parents. They considered me lucky to have survived, no-one else from my residential complex did.

I wandered in confusion from system to system for several years after that. Not knowing what to do and how I should confront my past. The Shivans had killed my parents and almost everyone else I knew. My obsession with them continued and I gathered every piece of information that I could lay my hands on.

Later I joined the GTVA officer corps and I quickly landed a position as communications officer on the GTD Intrepid. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. I put me in a position where I could meet new people and my purpose in life could be fulfilled. Greatest of all, my security access allowed me to view classified footage of Shivans I could never see if I were a civilian.

Years of advancement brought me up to the rank of Admiral and put me in command of the GTD Warlock. This is where I felt most at home and this is where I could finally strike back against the Shivans.

During the Capella invasion, I was dismayed that the Warlock was playing a support role in the Epsilon Pegasi system rather than on the front lines. It wasn't until 2372 when the Shivans attacked yet again. We pushed the Shivans back from Sirius and into Regulus. We followed them through Mintaka, Kaus Borealis, and Gienah Cygni. Then, we defeated them in the Naos system. Our military victory over the Shivans came at a price and nearly the entire 7th Fleet was destroyed.

What was left of our fleet returned the GTVA space and Command ordered us to the space dock in Delta Serpentis. It was there that I caught up with the progress of the Charon Project. In the last couple of years, returning to Sol has been the mantelpiece of Alliance efforts. The Charon will be the key that unlocks the door to Sol and Earth. For with Earth on our side we will finally blaze a trail across the stars. When the day comes, I want to be there, leading us to the final conflict with the Shivans.

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