Admiral Ahmose

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Height: 6'9''

Weight: 260

Eye Colour: Yellow

Retinal Code: 231-B50

Current Assignment: Scion of Vasuda leader (classified level Theta)

An admiral of the Vasudan Navy gone rogue, Ahmose is the charismatic leader of the Scion of Vasuda. The SoV is a fanatical cult of Vasudans opposed to the Charon project. The GTVA Security Council and Vasudan Imperium have ordered Ahmose's capture to be of the utmost priority.

Scion of Vasuda

The Scion of Vasuda is a cult comprised of many Vasudans who have become disillusioned with the alliance after the NTF rebellion and the failure of project Colossus. The SoV demands the immediate dismantling of both the GTVA and Vasudan Imperium, claiming that the Emperor has become corrupted by Terran ideologies and is destroying traditional Vasudan culture and values.

The Scion of Vasuda is considered a class A threat by the GTVA security council.


A symbol commonly seen worn by members of the SoV, the Asekh-Tor emblem is a stylized Vasudan. This symbol is intended to represent the purity of mind, form, and spirit of the Vasudan people over the decadence of modernity.

War Crimes

Destruction of GTC Soweto

Seizure of the GVCv Khnum

Murder of Civilians

Seizure of GVD Kauket

Destruction of GTFR Andresen

Seizure of GVFR Hestak

Bombing of Altair Terran Enclave

Raiding GTVA Armory on Alpha Centauri II

State Crimes

Resisting Arrest

Unauthorized Militia

12 Accounts of Piracy

462 Accounts of Capital Murder

Seizure of Alliance Property

High Treason

Hate Crimes

Domestic Terrorism

Incitement of Murder

Incitement of Piracy

Incitement of Treason

Violation of BETAC

Violation of Regulus Accords

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