New GTVA Ships

Here you can find available Intelligence regarding new GTVA Ships and, where possible, images of those ships in action.

GTF Banshee

GTF BansheeGTF BansheeGTF BansheeGTF Banshee

Class: Interceptor

Length: 24

Gun Mounts: 4

Secondary Capacity: 2 (50/50)

Manuverability: Excellent

Max. Standard Velocity: 75

Hull Strength: 350 ASE (Armor Strength Equivalent)

Shield Strength: 450

Manufacturer: Han-Ronald Corp.

The success of the GTF Perseus in combating Shivan vessels and insurgent groups since its deployment against the NTF has led to further refinements to the interceptor's frame by the Han-Ronald conglomerate. These improvements have manifested themselves in the form of the GTF Banshee, currently the last word in interceptor technology. Incorporating an ultra-efficient fission drive of Vasudan design into a frame with an even smaller sensor profile means that the Banshee is not only an excellent interceptor, but a good choice for covert operations as well. Incredibly, research on captured Shivan bomber hulls has resulted in no loss of payload on the Banshee in fact, excess power can now be used in additional primary cannon ports. The Banshee is not on general deployment with GTVA destroyers as yet, and this situation is likely to remain for some time. A few lucky SOC wings, however, have the opportunity to fly the Banshee as part of OpEval.

GVF Selket

GVF SelketGVF SelketGVF SelketGVF Selket

Class: Heavy Fighter

Length: 19

Gun Mounts: 8

Secondary Capacity: 1 (50)

Manuverability: Excellent

Max. Standard Velocity: 75

Hull Strength: 300 ASE (Armor Strength Equivalent)

Shield Strength: 400

Manufacturer: Mekhu Enterprises

A next generation of prototype heavy fighter for the modernising GTVA fleets, the Selket sits alongside the GVF Tauret in terms of its firepower and capabilities. The peculiar design of the Selket is clearly influenced by Shivan constructs. This confers it distinct advantages in speed and maneuvrability over the Tauret, as well as a small forward profile that makes it difficult to target with guns and missiles. Though some shielding has been sacrificed to achieve this the Selket carries massive primary cannon firepower and a small number of missiles. Overall the Selket is suited more evenly to defence and attack than the Tauret, but is by no means a replacement for it.

GTB Artemis D.H.

GTB Artemis D.H.GTB Artemis D.H.GTB Artemis D.H.GTB Artemis D.H.

Class: Medium Bomber

Length: 36

Gun Mounts: 4

Secondary Capacity: 3 Banks (40/60/60)

Manuverability: Average

Max. Standard Velocity: 70

Hull Strength: 300 ASE (Armor Strength Equivalent)

Shield Strength: 900

Manufacturer: Han-Ronald Corp.

Before the GTB Artemis was even on general duty with GTVA fleets, technicians from GTVI were working on improving the vessel. The original Artemis D.H. incorporated improved targeting systems and a new powerplant. Eventually, these modifications reached all of the Artemis bombers in service. However, GTVI didn't stop there, and retained the D.H. class of the bomber in order to further modify the capable frame of the Artemis. The latest incarnation of the D.H. class (or 'bomber surprise' as SOC crews have taken to calling the vessel) boasts improved maneuvrability and the capability to carry heavy weaponry, such as the Kayser and the Helios torpedo. In addition, its hull is sensor-refractive, making it the best choice for when low visibility during a mission is important. It seems unlikely that this will be the final version of the D.H. class, but for the moment it is the very best strike bomber that the GTVA can offer.

GTD Golgotha

GTD GolgothaGTD GolgothaGTD GolgothaGTD Golgotha

Class: Destroyer Prototype

Length: 3617

Weapon Systems (capships): 1 Meson Reaction Core Particle Beam, 2 TSB-11 Photon Beam Cannons, 4 Modified TSB-8 Photon Beam Cannons, 4 TAF-6 Anti-Fighter Beam Cannons, 18 Pulse Emitters, 8 Flak Cannons

Max. Standard Velocity: 20

Hull Strength: 200000 ASE (Collapsed Core Molybdenum Sheathing)

Fleet Yards: Classified

A radical departure from traditional GTVA destroyer design, the Golgotha has been designed in the post-Capella age. As such it has been designed to take on the largest and most powerful Shivan destroyers and juggernauts and win. The Golgotha's main weapon is an experimental Meson cannon, harnessing immense power and focusing it into a cohesive energy beam many times more powerful than any conventional beam cannon. Somewhat faster and more heavily armoured than an Orion-class, the destroyer carries only two fighter squadrons (less than half of a normal complement). Nevertheless, with a suitable support fleet nothing can rival the Golgotha's destructive power. The crews of this vessel have not nicknamed it the 'giant killer' without good reason.

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