Coming Out Of Hibernation

>03/07/2006 | IceFire

It's been two years since the BWO page was last given a proper update. In that time the campaign has progressed slowly but with purpose. Lead by a determined team consisting of Ace, BlackDove, and IceFire the campaign continues. New staff have signed on to help and old friends have rejoined the effort. BlackWater Operations will be completed although we are loathe to give a release date.

Spearheaded by Ace and BlackDove serious progress on a lengthy and necessary beta test period the campaign is nearing its final stages of completion. Although missions for the campaign have been complete for nearly a year many of the older missions were buggy and required redesigns, re-writes, or starting from scratch. What has never been lost is the spirit of the campaign and the overall story plan which remains strong and true to the original concept envisioned by IceFire and Kellan in the very beginning.

Efforts have also been undertaken by our modeler team who have produced high poly, high detail, and HT&L compatible models for FreeSpace Open. Additional eye candy in the form of all new high resolution backgrounds and other effects taking advantages of the new components of the FreeSpace Open Source Code modifications mean that BWO will be more than it was ever meant to be when we started.

Although our efforts have slowed and we are all different people than we were so many years ago when we started this project it, we are dedicated to completing it and making it available to the community. Our efforts continue and we hope to deliver a fantastic FreeSpace experience in the future.