When we need help, we'll ask for it.

>16/07/2010 | BlackDove

This was not a lie. Yet it was not true either.

We needed help for the past four or five years, yet whenever it came time for it to be called upon, looking one step ahead, there was really no foundation for it, and therefore nothing was done whilst time went on. For a very lengthy period of the project's existence, the assets were scattered between people, each holding a different part, and nobody knew what the other people had. Eventually in the void of the past few years, we did get all of our assets together as much as it was possible, gotten an SVN server working, and now a new website. I always said that if we were all able to give the project 9 hours of every single day, the project would be probably complete within a month. Alas, people have lives and the stretch goes on and on and on.

I've been struggling with the usual thought of simply releasing everything we assembled so far to the community for the past year, but ultimately decided against it as we've never really given the normal approach a try. I even made a big post in internal with some laughable timeline that ended this June, which is another deadline missed, nothing new for this project.

To keep the story short and to the point, BlackWater Operations is now asking for as much help as possible from the community. Considering that the project has only two active (and that's a stretch) people, it's in need for some staff to help and conclude the development sometime while we're still alive. I would have said young, but many of us are not young anymore, even if we may have been when the project began.

What BlackWater Operations needs at the moment:

Modelers: You will have to create HTL models from scratch, following already established designs. You will have to do LoDs and debris as well.

Texturers: You will have to create textures. Diffuse, Specular, Normal and Glow maps.

UVMappers: You will have to UVmap existing models. Both tile and single texture UV's.

PoFers: You will have to convert from our work formats to .PoF, be able to turret ships, and all the PoFing stuff in general.

Weapon modeling and effects creation: Self explanatory.

Skybox creation and editing

If you fit the bill and are willing to help, we can use your talent. Even if you're not awesome at these, Raven would be there to lend you a helping hand regarding how to do it at a level as high as his. If you're interested, you can send your body of work straight to him, and he will instruct you on how to proceed further.

Right now, that is it. We will need help with other matters later on, and we will ask (this time) when it is needed. Some things have to be finished before others.

In conclusion, while browsing the website you may notice all of the content is old. I will be adding new content periodically. The reason we migrated the old content was simply for the sake of posterity.

Hit us up on the forums if you want to discuss these developments.