BWO Website Updated!

>30/06/2010 | SSX-Anubis

Upwards of 7 million people were reported dead today due to the shock of seeing the BWO website actually updated. Hospitals across the globe were overwhelmed by the massive demand for emergency care, and many governments blocked access to the website in a desperate attempt to protect their population from what can only be described as the biggest surprise since Brazil lost in the World Cup Quarter Finals.

No comment was immediately available from any member of the BWO team. Reports suggest that project leader BlackDove has gone into hiding in order to allow the blame to shift onto someone else.

More to follow.

Yep, Still Alive

>17/08/2007 | IceFire

Yep we're still alive and kicking folks. BWO has made some great progress over the last year as we've now fully tested each and every mission that will be included in the campaign including an extensive reworking of some missions and some fantastic fine tuning and balancing to the others. Missions are our strong point and we want to make sure its worth downloading the campaign when its finished.

We have no fixed release date as all of our staff are volunteers, however, we are closing in on being finished. What we really need is help with texturing and UV mapping. If you can help, let us know on our forums.

Website Efforts

>23/07/2006 | IceFire

Work is being done to bring the BWO website back upto speed. Written in basic HTML code about five years ago the site has been updated continually, however, its code is now beginning to show its age and does not always render properly on newer and more standards compliant browsers. Efforts will be undertaken over the next few weeks to bring the site upto speed. Some content areas are temporarily disabled as this process goes forth.

The Downloads and Status pages have been updated with revised content. Downloads is now fully functional with new download links from HardLight Productions new server.

Coming Out Of Hibernation

>03/07/2006 | IceFire

It's been two years since the BWO page was last given a proper update. In that time the campaign has progressed slowly but with purpose. Lead by a determined team consisting of Ace, BlackDove, and IceFire the campaign continues. New staff have signed on to help and old friends have rejoined the effort. BlackWater Operations will be completed although we are loathe to give a release date.

Spearheaded by Ace and BlackDove serious progress on a lengthy and necessary beta test period the campaign is nearing its final stages of completion. Although missions for the campaign have been complete for nearly a year many of the older missions were buggy and required redesigns, re-writes, or starting from scratch. What has never been lost is the spirit of the campaign and the overall story plan which remains strong and true to the original concept envisioned by IceFire and Kellan in the very beginning.

Efforts have also been undertaken by our modeler team who have produced high poly, high detail, and HT&L compatible models for FreeSpace Open. Additional eye candy in the form of all new high resolution backgrounds and other effects taking advantages of the new components of the FreeSpace Open Source Code modifications mean that BWO will be more than it was ever meant to be when we started.

Although our efforts have slowed and we are all different people than we were so many years ago when we started this project it, we are dedicated to completing it and making it available to the community. Our efforts continue and we hope to deliver a fantastic FreeSpace experience in the future.

Beta Testing Continues

>05/09/2004 | IceFire

Back in August we had a small Beta Tester recruitment drive on the BWO Forums. Since then, the Beta Testing team has shown exemplary conduct and has been testing BWO from the beginning to the end. We're working our way through missions, solving problems, and making sure that things work. Its going to be a tough process but it means that the campaign is inching closer to being completed.

With that in mind, progress will slow once again with the school year apon us and many other things to work on. Nonetheless, BWO is progressing well. Check our forum for the latest screen shots and keep checking back for some serious updates near release.