End of the Road

>05/07/2004 | IceFire

So its 2004 and its been maybe three or four years since we started this bloody thing and the end is in sight. Alot has changed recently so lets recap

Firstly, and most obviously, the website has had a massive makeover of its visual. I completed the last version using Paint Shop Pro 4 and I've since moved onto Photoshop 6.0 (I know, not even CS). The result is a much more refined website. I tried several different designs and looks but the original design was very nice to work with and its very easy to put together so I've made it look nicer but everything else is where you should expect it.

We've also moved to HLP. A big move in and of itself. This is now the center of our small but active community. The move was made for obvious reasons and you can read all about it when it comes to be.

The campaign is within a hairs breadth of being completed. We've still got some work ahead of us to tidy it up and bring things upto release quality. First, we'll need voice actors soon as the script gets locked down and second we need MOD people. At least one person to do some texture work and another to help us get the tables all together (likely using Lightspeeds updates for weapon effects).

So thats about all I can fill you in on. We've got a few hours left on missions and a few more left on MOD's. Then we're essentially done. We need support to get there. If you have the talent please contact us.

Latest News from the Front

>02/12/2003 | IceFire

Yet another very long pause in updates on the website. It has been another crazy semester to be sure. It is nearly over and thats a very good thing. BlackWater Operations continues to plod along adding some new team members and getting some serious work done.

Our two latest contributing members have been ShadowWolf, involved with a number of other projects, and Ace an outstanding community member having been present around the FreeSpace community almost as long as I have been. Both of these guys have been working feaverishly on missions, Ace in particular has completed a great number of important scenarios and has done some extra work on new pilot images as well as helping work out the complex plotline.

So the good and bad news is that BlackWater Operations won't be done for Christmas but the good news is that the first half of the campaign is almost complete leaving some less substantial components for the other half of the campaign to finish off. This doesn't mean that we're halfway being done, this means that we've completed half of the missions and brought them to a release state. Work on the remaining set should commence this holiday break and we may have something coming in the new year. Roll on 2004!

The Latest Updates

>20/04/2003 | IceFire

We've called in some reinforcements to help finish BlackWater Operations missions. We'll be introducing them later on but in the meantime here is a release update.

Elements of the team have been hard at work creating the missions for the final campaign. There is going to be roughly fourty missions in the final release. You'll see about three quarters of those depending on how you play the campaign through. You'll need at least two play throughs to catch both sides of the story and while there is some repetition, we are looking at ways to make that as slim as possible.

MOD work has slowed considerably in the last months because most of the content is complete. Minor tweaks by our MOD team have yielded some excellent results and hopefully people will be pleased with the final results. We estimate that the campaign will be done by summer and that we'll be able to release before school starts in September. As everyone knows, hitting release dates is impossible so no date will be given. Until that time, sit tight and await release!

BWO Demo Additional Mirrors

>13/01/2003 | IceFire

A couple of people have let me know that they now have some additional mirrors for the BlackWater Ops demo campaign available. Special thanks to these and others who have made mirrors available to all kinds of people. Its much appreciated!

And now the downloads.

Mirrors no longer available - please see the Downloads page.